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The original Q-8 Alumni Association was established in 1995 and made its first appearance at that year's Q-8 Company Dinner.  The founding "fathers" included Jim Ridley, Bill Wagner, Sean Hood, Matt Zvolenski and Stu Klein.

In 2001 the same group who founded the society now joined by Ray Mihalik organized and executed a pledge cycle in the Spring of 2002 with the cooperation of the PMS at Hofsta and re-established the company gaining recognition with the National HQ and re-chartering the company.  That Spring the first Company Dinner held in more than 6 years took place at the Holiday Inn in Plainview, NY.

In 2003 the alumni re-formed the association and incorporated and again was active in assisting the current brotherhood.  On May 21, 2005, the Q-8 Alumni Association was officially recognized as a chartered alumni organization during a ceremony held at Hofstra University.

The alumni association is open to all Q-8 alumni and will continue to encourage the ideals upon which the original organization was founded upon.

Original group of alumni who founded the accociation at the 2002 Q-8 Company Dinner.  From left to right:  Brian Pattwell, Bill Wagner, Ray Mihalik, Jim Ridley, Sean Hood and the PR Advisor LTC. Gary Cleland.
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