Honourable Order of General of the Armies John Joseph Pershing Medal

The Pershing Rifles National Alumni Association is proud to present to its members the Honourable Order of General of the Armies John Joseph Pershing Medal.

The award is to be given to distinguished friends and alumni members of the National Society of Pershing Rifles and its associated Pershing Rifles family of organizations. It recognizes the select few whose service has risen above their peers. The Honourable Order is reserved for those whose voluntary service has embodied the spirit, dignity and sense of sacrifice and commitment epitomized by General of the Armies Pershing:

Q-8 Alumni Recipients

March 2011
William Wagner '78 - Grand Commander
James Ridley '82 - Grand Commander

May 2011
LTC Michael Boden, Hofstra ROTC PMS - Member

All awards must be approved by the Awards Committee of the PRNAA Board of Directors. There are five levels of the Order—Member (no device), Knight (single star), Knight Commander (two stars), Grand Commander (four stars) and Général des Armées (Six Stars). A complète description of each level maybe found on the associations website, www.prnaa.com. Each level is distinguished by gold star devices affixed and centered to the “V” of the neck drape. The devices represent the Flag Officer Grades that General of the ArmiesPershing held during his career.

The medal itself is a five-armed Maltese style cross in enameled white with Royal Blue and Gold trim. White is for purity, cleanliness of life, and rectitude of conduct. Blue is for loyalty, devotion, friendship, justice, and truth. The Maltese cross is an ancient symbol of Knighthood and the award is fashioned after the French Legion of Honor, the highest award in France which was bestowed upon the General after the allied victory in World War I. It is encircled by a gold laurel wreath between the arms. Roman Generals returning to Rome for their Triumph received the laurel wreath as a mark of their great victory. The Romans also considered the bay tree as protection from thunderstorms, and Roman victors would wipe the blood from their swords with the leaves.

The obverse central disc is in royal blue with gilt trim and lettering featuring the bust of General of the Armies Pershing. Around its circumference reads, “Honourable Order of General John J Pershing” across the top, and the date of the founding of the PRNAA and the award, “Est. 2101”. We spell the word “Honourable” in the English style acknowledging the General being awarded the Honourable Order of Bath by the British, which was also a basis for the design of the award. The words are separated by Gold five pointed stars, the symbol of General Officer’s Grade. There are royal blue and white ribbons which cross at the bottom center.

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