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This directory is a work in progress and your help is vital to it's eventual completion.  Please read through the list and let the association know of any ommissions, mistakes or additions that need to be made.  If you can add any contact information or let us know of a brother who passed away, we would appreciate it.  This list was compiled from a variety of sources and your input is a great help.

Thank you and SAPPO!

The Directory Pages were last updated on:  5 March 2012.
PR Q-8 I.D.R. Team Picture 1966.  Row 1 C. Edgehill, L. Ripak, D. Shamash, P. Farinella, R. Cacciato, Commanding.  Second Row:  T. Marchitto, B. Bischoff, J. Leichner, L. Broughton.  Top Row:  R.Levine, J.Riley, B. Kaplan, R, Williams
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